Widow- Life’s Blood…Out 11/11/11

What is there to say about this band? I mean really? The melodies, the heaviness, and just pure good metal from good ol’ Raleigh, North Carolina.  The 4th album from Widow in my opinion is by far the best release to date. The vocals are very clean and very smooth. Guitar riffs are pure and fast and likewise with the drums and bass lines. The album is released on Pure Steel records (Zandale, Sleepy Hollow, etc.). Be sure to catch them on tour in 2012 in the states and maybe at a festival on the other side of the Atlantic.

Track Listing for Life’s Blood:

1. Lady Twilight

2. In Dreams

3. Take Hold of the Night

4. Another Fallen Angel

5. Embrace it

6. Behind the Light

7. The Burning Ones

8. Live Beyond

9 Judgment Day

10. I Scream for Ice Queen

11. Remembering

12. The one I know


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