Interview with Paul Allendar

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with Paul Allendar who is the lead guitarist from Cradle of Filth. What a great guy. Cradle played the Norva on March 8th and I attended the show and the review will be forthcoming.



Whitechapel show and interview

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So Whitechapel rolled through Richmond VA back in February on “The Welcome to Hell” tour. They were joined by Acacia Strain, Veil of Maya, Chelsea Grin, and I Declare War.  The show was held at The National on Broad St. in downtown Richmond. The venue is a perfect place to go see a show.  The night started out kinda crappy as one of the local bands couldnt get their equipment set up and caused a delay. However, when I Declare War came on, the night corrected itself. With their disgusting riffs and just terrific breakdowns, they really got the crowed amped. Chelsea Grin then took the stage and dominated as well. The fine tuned guitar solos and their stage presence really took over. I caught only the tail end of Veil of Maya but could hear the crowd getting more pumped. Acacia Strain then burst onto the stage and dominated. Vince completely played off the crowd. With every jaw dropping riff and breakdown, you can just see the complete domination of the band on the stage. They really got the crowd juiced for the main course, WHITECHAPEL. What a great show they put on. Bringing a mixture of old and new to the stage really got everyone moving. You know when you are at a great metal show when the lead vocalist Phil engages the crowd, gets down along the fenceline, and just tears that place apart. Ben, Alex, and Zach sure let their fingers and guitars do the talking. Gabe worked the crowd and new comer to the band, Ben really seemed amped behind the drums. Hands down one of the better metal shows I have been too in quite sometime.


Before the show, I sat down with guitarist Alex for a few questions. Sorry about the bad lighting, I forgot to get the shades opened up.



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Did you go to a show? Did you talk to someone in the band? Did you hear a new album? Tell us about it.